Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a skilled carpenter to build a Playhouse?
A: The short answer is, NO. But, the more skills you have, the quicker you'll build the Playhouse and, probably, the better the result. Construction is not complicated. The methodology is simple. The instructions are precise and well detailed. Take your time and follow the instructions to the letter. You'll get a great deal of enjoyment seeing the Playhouse take shape.

Q: I note you specify Metric dimensions, but I'm not familiar with these. Can I purchase your drawings that are just in Imperial measurements?
A: Apart from the set-out of the timbers that constitute the base, the lower deck, and the support structure for the upper deck, everything after that can be interpreted in Imperial measurements. The finished result will look almost identical. PS. Once you've become accustomed to working in metric dimensions you'll find it so much easier than, adding, say: 4'3 7/8" to 2"9 5/16" and then dividing the result by 3.

Q: Can I vary the design?
A: Well, yes, of course you can IF it's only the final appearance. Bigger portholes? Sure. More of them? Sure. We do not recommend making any alterations insofar as the basic structure is concerned. If, for instance, you wanted a longer version, then simply add another 500mm in length in the fore or aft sections. Before you go too far, why not e-mail me your requirements and I'll see how I can help you.

Q: Can I vary the construction materials?
A: Providing they do the same job - yes. In the unlikely event that the Playhouse was going to be used indoors, there's no need, in those circumstances, to use "weatherproof" timbers. Tongue-and-grooved flooring could be used for the deck covering when it is under cover but NOT out in the weather. Chipboard or MDF could be used in place of waterproof plywood and decking IF the Playhouse is not out in the weather.

Q: Does the Playhouse have to be built in modules? Can't I just build it in one piece?
A: No, the Playhouse doesn't have to be built in 2 or more modules. But, consider this - what if you sell your house and want to take the Playhouse with you? You might find it more convenient to break it down into 2 modules (bow and stern) or 3 modules (bow, midships and stern) to transport it. My recommendation is that you build it as ONE but with the joins in place, as it were, with all bolts holding modules together in place and tightened.

Q: A lot of the "detail" seems unnecessarily fussy. Do I have to follow these implicitly?
A: There's no HAVE to - but, I went to a lot of trouble to try and make the Playhouses have the feel of the real thing (the limitations of scale, materials used etc. considered) and I believe it is important to understand and appreciate just exactly what it is you're going to build. Leave out the detail, leave out the masts, or don't rake the masts they way they should be, don't bother to paint it brightly and.well, it's up to you. But don't say I didn't tell you! The kids probably won't notice.until they see one that's done the way I intended it to be done.

Q: How accurate are the Cutting Schedules?
A: All drawings are prepared on AutoCAD - the best of the computer-aided design and drafting programs. When AutoCAD is used, the design is actually at 1:1 scale - full size. What's seen on the computer screen at any time is like looking back UP through a microscope, making it smaller, not bigger. So, when I ask the program to provide a dimension it's always absolutely accurate. If you ever find a mistake, let me know and I'll gladly refund your money.

Q: Why aren't there photographs of every one of your Playhouses on the web page?
A: I'd like to have lots of photographs although I quite like the appearance as it is now - certainly it appeals to kids in its current format. There are many photographs in the Instructions. A careful eye will note that there is considerable similarity between the Playhouses and, in most instances, it is only the small details that differ between various models that create their own distinctive look. Send in your photographs and I'll build a Gallery.

Q: Why do you use PayPal? How secure are my details?
A: Please refer to our Privacy Statement and to PayPals Privacy Statement. PayPal is now the world leader in providing a safe and efficient vehicle for making internet payments. Your funds go straight to PayPal and I dont get to see any of the details. I receive an automatic e-mail when funds are received and the e-mail address to which I am to send the document package, thats all.

Q: Why isn't the receipt of the documents instantaneous?
A: Please consider the possible time differences between your location and mine. Tasmania is GMT + 10 hours - Daylight Saving conditions (yours and mine) excepted. I process orders the moment I receive them - usually first thing in the morning.