Must-Have Items For Your Diamond Painting

by Pamela

Custom diamond painting is a relatively novel type of art. Most people, even some enthusiastic artists, are yet to hear about this type of art. This type of art is designed for the most constructive and creative minds. However, you can always create a custom diamond painting using tools from icustompainting. In this post, we look at diamond painting kits. 

Elements of a diamond painting kit

Below are some essential elements you must have in your diamond painting kit;

1. Pre-painted canvas

The canvas is the most crucial element in your diamond artwork kit. It is the base of your entire piece. However, unlike when creating other types of art, here, the canvas needs to be pre-painted. This means that it should already have the piece of art or painting on which you want to add the diamonds. Note that the type of painting on the canvas is entirely dependent on you.

2. Flat-backed diamonds

Next to the pre-painted canvas, the diamonds are also a must-have element in the art kit. The market features different types and colors of diamonds from which you can choose. Therefore, you are free to choose whichever type and color you want. You can also choose to use more than one color. The size is also entirely dependent on the type of results you are looking to achieve. However, the overall piece of the canvas will determine the size of the diamonds you choose.

Additionally, the diamonds also need to be flat-backed. This element is vital because the flat back is the part that will be placed on the canvas using glue or wax. Any other shape other than black will give you such a hard time when it comes to gluing the diamonds on the canvas.

3. A tray

You will also need a tray on which you will place your diamonds and other tools that you need. The tray is essential because the diamonds tend to run, and you would have a hard time working if you had to keep checking up on them. Try a curved tray so that it can hold the diamonds in one place. Do not place all your diamonds on the tray from the word go. Instead, place a few and keep adding more as you go. Doing this will make your work easier. It will also assist you in picking the pieces with less trouble.

4. A pen-shaped tool

You will need a pen-shaped tool that you will use to collect the diamonds and place them on the canvas. A toothpick will also be a good choice if you do not have a pen-shaped tool.

5. Gel/wax

The role of gel or wax is to stick the diamond pieces onto the canvas. Some diamond painting art kits contain glue instead of wax or gel. Either way, make sure the glue, gel, or wax does not dry faster so that you can get time to move the pieces around before it dries.


Note that the painting kit’s contents depend on the store or the dealer that is selling the products. Regardless, before you purchase the product, you need to check out what is in the kit to make the best choice.

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