Fun and Safe Water Hose Games for Kids

by Pamela

Summer is here and that means long, hot, boring days for the kids! With school out, they now have more time in their hands and you can definitely expect them to bother you with how bored they feel. The heatwave is no help at all either. Why not cool down with the kids by playing water hose games with them? This is a great idea to relax and bond with your kids – especially if the beach is far away or you do not have a kiddie pool for them.

Here is a quick list of water hose games that you can do to cool down and have some fun and laughter!

Water hose games

Water hose tag

This game is like regular tag only that the “it” person has to run after somebody and spray them with the hose to become the new “it.”

Water hose limbo

This is like actual limbo, only that one person is holding a hose and everyone has to go through under the water spray. The ones who get hit in the face with the face lose and will take the place of the water holder. This will be extra fun for toddlers since they have the advantage in the game.

DIY sprinkler

Most homes don’t have their own sprinklers because of the size of their yard. If this is the case for you, you can create your own sprinkler so the kids can have some summer fun running around and getting wet by it.

All you have to do is punch holes in a plastic bottle and attach the bottle at the end of the garden hose. Your kids will have fun and you also actually get to water the grass on your lawn at the same time!

Water hose helicopter

Arrange the kids in a circle. Stay in the middle with the hose and swing it around in a low circle. The kids should jump up when the water nears them or else they will get wet if they are not quick enough to make their move. It is a fun way to work on their reflex!

Hose target practice

Here, you use a hose with a nozzle so that it feels like you are handling a gun. Set up targets like soda cans or water bottles and make the kids use the burst of water to hit the targets.

Slip and slide

Lay a tarpaulin on the ground. Then stake the tarp down on the ground every 4 feet. Run the hose at full speed and your kids can slip and slide away in the tarp. Make sure the end of the slide has no sharp rocks or solid objects to avoid accidents.

Safety precautions

Playing with a water hose is a great way to cool down during the summer heat but of course, you have to make sure that everyone will be safe.

If you are using hose reels with a stable retraction mechanism, make sure that the locks are in place so that the hose will not retract while you are using it.

And of course, please do not use pressure hoses while doing these games. If your garden hose comes with a nozzle, always check the setting so that the water flow will be gentle enough for the kids.

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