Types Of Baby Bottles In The Market

by Pamela
baby bottle

Baby bottles are used by both infants and young children to feed. Also, they can also be used by kids that are finding it hard to drink from a cup. Feeding bottles come in a wide range; thus, to buy right baby bottles, you need to know the types that are available in the market. Baby bottles can be categorized based on their material, design, and brand. In this write-up, we categorize them based on their materials.

baby bottle

Types of materials used to make baby bottles

Below are some of the top materials used to make baby bottles;

1. Plastic

Plastic baby bottles are the most common kinds of water bottles. They are highly preferred because they are lightweight, affordable, and very strong. This means that babies can hold up the bottles on their own even if they are filled up. However, the downside to plastic baby bottles is that they are not as durable as the other types (especially glass). Plastic is prone to issues like melting, especially when they are washed with hot water, boiled for sanitation, or when placed in the dishwasher. Some types of plastic contain harmful materials. For instance, plastic with BPA could cause cognitive and behavioral challenges in kids.

2. Glass

Next to plastic bottles, glass baby bottles are also very popular. Glass is preferred because it is very durable. It can be boiled without worries of breaking or warping. If they are well taken care of, glass water bottles can last for a lifetime. However, the downside to glass bottles is that they are much heavier than their counterparts. Such bottles are, therefore, commonly used for kids that are young and not ones that can feed themselves. The bottles are also prone to breakage when they are dropped. Therefore, most people opt out of glass bottles. The bottles are also more expensive than plastic bottles.

Which Is The Better Option (Glass Vs. Plastic)?

Plastic bottles are more popular than glass ones because they are lightweight and easy to handle. The bottles are also quite affordable and strong. They are not prone to breakage when they fall. They can, therefore, be used by both toddlers and kids that can hold the bottles for themselves. Glass bottles are not a bad option, especially for smaller kids, because they need a lot of caution when handling.

3. Silicone

Silicone baby bottles are relatively new in the market. Silicone bottles are moldable and quite stretchy. They are, therefore, easier to clean and can withstand very high temperatures, unlike plastic bottles. This means that babies can squish the bottle material like the breast when feeding. These are the main reasons why the bottles are quickly increasing in popularity. The only downside to silicone bottles is that they are very expensive. They are even more expensive than glass bottles.


Each of the types of bottles mentioned above is beneficial on its own. Therefore, the choice you make as a parent depends on your needs and your budget. You may want to try the different types before making the final choice.

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